Your Lymphatic System

Your Lymphatic System

This rarely talked about system is thankfully gaining a little more attention nowadays and if you’re not paying attention to it, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to support your immune system and overall health!


The Lymphatic System can aptly be described as the waste disposal of the body and is responsible for filtering and eliminating toxins. Being part of the body’s immune system, it helps to protect us from infection and disease and is made up of lymph fluid which passes through lymph nodes connected by a network of lymph vessels. It contains white blood cells (lymphocytes) which fight infection.

The Lymp acts as a one-way drainage system transporting fluids from body tissues into the blood circulation.

The nodes are found throughout the entire body, but mainly in the neck, armpits, groin and stomach. Hence the often swollen glands when we’re fighting an infection! Lymph fluid normally flows through the network of lymph vessels that connect to a group of lymph nodes. The nodes act as a filter destroying or trapping anything harmful that the body doesn’t need. The white blood cells within these nodes will attack and break down bacteria, viruses, damaged cells, and cancer cells. Waste products and the destroyed bacteria are then carried in the lymph fluid back into the bloodstream and are removed from the body with other body wastes.


The Lymphatic System relies on our body movements as a pump! And here are my top tips to help you get this system pumping and ultimately healing and strengthening every single cell in your body in a very positive way!

  • Do five to ten minutes of rebounding a day. This is the best way to stimulate lymphatic drainage and is indeed also endorsed by NASA. See my blog post;

  • Walking gets your lymphatic system moving.

  • Yin yoga stretches the hips and groin area which contains a concentration of lymph nodes.

  • Dry skin brushing. Since your Lymphatic system is close to the surface of the skin body brushing is super helpful.

  • Deep breathing daily is important.

  • Follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

  • Hydrate - the Lymphatic system is primarily composed of water and must be hydrated to function optimally.

  • Avoid tight fitting garments.

Love your lymph!

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